Trump Gives Explosive 2 Hour Speech at CPAC 2019 in Maryland

With all the adversity that President Trump is faced with it doesn’t seem to deter him from delivering a potent message to his base. His recent speech at the CPAC gathering is yet another one that gave plenty of the media to talk about.

Mr. Trump had no difficulty in keeping his enthusiastic audience revved up for an entire two hours that covered a wide range of topics. Touched with episodes of Trumpian humour the President talked about what he considered as important issues.

Trump Support:

Mr. Trump appeared to want to reinforce with his base that he started his presidential journey with strong support. He did so by taking the audience back to the large crowd presence on inauguration day.

Trump Health:

To put to rest, any potential concerns about his age and health Trump painted a healthy picture of himself focusing on his precision eyesight and the lack of white hair.

Trump Clarification:

To clarify one of many issues, Mr. Trump spoke about his vague campaign reference to Mexicans being rapists. Showing a contrast of how the 2015 situation was mild in comparison to what is happening in the present day.

Trump Injustice:

Another point of interest to Mr. Trump was to bring home the fact to his audience that he is being treated unjustly by both the media and the lack of recognition in Washington.

Trump Attack:

Mr. Trump takes his opponents seriously and used Senator Warren as an example, of how he made short work of her credibility and wished he would have a chance to further it.

Trump Patriotism:

Just in case anyone in the crowd that the President was addressing doubted his allegiance to the flag, he hugged it adoringly.

Trump Clarification:

The president felt the need to clear up the Otto Warmbier controversy. Making a point that he as the President is in a precarious position when dealing with the North Koreans.

Trump Jokes:

The invitation for Russia to provide the Hillary emails was something else that Mr. Trump brought back in today’s news. Making a point that his previous comments surrounding this were merely a joke.

Trump Fact From Fiction:

The President also wanted to clarify his feelings concerning the Mueller probe with putting the whole situation in very easy to understand terms, referring to it as “bullshit.

Trump Against the Opposition:

Mr. Trump had no difficulty in finding the words to express his discontent against Adam Schiff, the current Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman.  All Trump supporters are well aware that Donald J. Trump is not known for backing down from a fight, and this one will be no different.

These are just ten of the highlights of one of the many “never to forget” Trump speeches. It is an indicator that the President wanted to take the time to set things straight with his followers. While these are just a few of the contentions that the President is dealing with, he is off to a good start for solidifying his base for the upcoming election.

Trump 2020 Merchandise

Trump supporters turned up in numbers to support the president all wearing their Maga gear from Trump 2020 T-shirts to Trump Hats to Trump Hoodies, the crowd was a sea of red, white and blue. The crowd also let their voice be heard, cheering loudly as the president touched on each matter of contention in his speech. It is safe to say that President Trump has an energized base of loyal fans and beating Trump in the 2020 election should be a very difficult task for anybody.

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