The Best Car Modification and Customization Place- Speed Freaks

Speed Freaks deliver you with car modification services, car service, car accessories, insurance claim, car spa, and car body shop, car loan, car sell and purchase, car accidental claim, and car interior adjustments. Everyone can’t acquire a Ferrari or a Lambo. But that doesn’t point toward that your wheels can’t be as eye-popping and ear blasting. Doesn’t matter if you own a 2005 Alto or 2012 BMW 3 series, there is good facility that you can opt for some customization on your car. And there is a lot to select from when it comes to customizing your car. For music lovers, there is always a need to upgrade to an enhanced audio setup, with the right speakers, bottom tubes and player.

For the overexcited connected ones, it’s significant to have their iPhone’s, iPad’s connected and synced, USB/Bluetooth connectivity, direction-finding mounted controls and other such OEM integrations. The speed lovers can up-the-ante by getting appearance enhancements done with power boosters, improved tires, lights and brake systems. One can alter their cars by getting really posh interior and exterior customizations. Speed freak is side of engineers down south in Chennai who take great pride and care in pimping your car. From audio installation to presentation enhancements to OEM integrations, The Speed Freaks is one stop supermarket for all your car dreams. Find the best car customization service through speed freaks.

We are renowned car modifiers in Chennai. We assist our customers to transform their regular cars into a speed devil or a luxury salon. We also supply and fit Butterfly door kits in the cars. Speed Freaks Works has been dedicated to providing responsive expert and above all honest automotive revamp and service to India for the last 35 years. Although a congregation of car companies today is providing iDevice integration, none of the manufacturers present an iDevice on your dashboard. Most often you are left with cords dangling dangerously to bond your iDevice. At Speed Freaks we custom craft a neat dashboard that retrofits an iDevice (see images below). The compensation is obvious; the iDevice is securely fit in a nice compartment, which is aesthetically matched to your cars interiors.

There are some apps to help like:

Find Places: Running out of fuel? Or Running out of cash? Find out where is the closest petrol pump or ATM with Google Places. This useful app can also explain you the nearest eating place, coffee shop or pub with user ratings, besides closest boarding options. Another constructive app is trip adviser.

Siri: With Siri you can label upon your iDevice to play music, direct you using GPS, rivulet video or radio. You can do all this while you can drive away without getting uneasy with all those buttons. You can also ask Siri to read you messages, emails and type out messages or emails while you force in peace. It’s almost like driving with your individual assistant.

GPS: There are several direction-finding assistance obtainable on your iDevices, one of the most useful applications in India, is still the Google maps. Google maps in India can even suggest transfer updates, so you can decide not to take one route vis-a-vis another. MapMyIndia also provides dependable navigation with voice commands application on App Store.

But to get the best available services, look no further than Speed Freaks.

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