Essential Steps to Building a Memorable Brand

Businesses must have a passion for branding as it has become a necessity to survive in the current climate – which is more competitive than it has ever been before.

The ability to build an impactful brand is considered a make-or-break ability for businesses these days. It has a direct relation with the number of customers you gain and even more importantly, whether they come back or not.

For those business which are thinking of rebranding or happen to be in the initial stages of business, following are certain things you must keep in mind to develop a sustainable and memorable brand.

Everything is in the name

The name of your business should reveal what you intend to do and the way you go about it. Being short and crisp always works best. The company name, tagline, elevator pitch and content should enable customers and users to understand what exactly the business does.

It is possible that you may select a name which doesn’t clearly describe what you do. If that is the case you should be able to back it up with clear and powerful language which sets your brand apart and communicates what you do.

Understand that they are different

The landscape has changed a lot in the recent few years and this change is clearly evident from the changing purchase patterns of the consumers. The present day consumer is not the same that lived many years back and bought things just because they had no better choice.

This is the millennial crowd and they will not buy a product unless the branding appeals to them. Having a fair understanding of your target audience can help you to come up with a better strategy so that it has greater effect.

If your strategy failed, revamp it

We evolved only because we were able to adapt ourselves to the changing times. The reason why we do not see dinosaurs walking around is because they were unfit to survive and as a result they are now extinct.

Marketing works on a similar principle of ‘survival of the fittest’ and it is up to the marketers to decide whether they want to change according to the changing times or be the dinosaur.

Know that they are tech freaks

Any branding strategy should take into consideration the fact that this generation of consumers is extremely tech savvy in nature. They are open to experimenting different applications and use technology to their advantage.

From adolescence to adulthood they have had technology at their disposal and this makes them extremely comfortable with technology unlike their earlier generations. Brands no longer should be under the assumption that their target audience may miss out on this update because they could not be using the platform.

Respect their privacy

A study was recently carried out on the applications that the present day consumer uses extensively and it was revealed that this Generation Z makes use of more private channels than the public ones.

Their updates mostly comprise of sharing personal information with their select group of friends, family and colleague. They prefer to stay confined in this network than be outwardly extroverted on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Some of them even go to the extent that they disable the applications that try to extract more information than what they are willing to give away such as location. Your branding strategy should be such that it doesn’t intrude others privacy and doesn’t have a spamming approach to social media marketing.

Pay attention to the tone

Marketers don’t need to use complicated language and nice sounding words to make an impression on their potential customers. The social media has got everybody used to a friendly tone that seems to be working extremely well in allowing brands to communicate with their customers in the exact same way they wish to be addressed.

The digital age has got us all used to bit sized information that we can consume quickly and a tone that is relaxed, welcoming and entertaining can go a long way compared to the monotone marketing language used previously.

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