Dubai is home to many famous local hotspots and tourist hubs across its rich and developing lands. With many more potential places to be considered for you to live in the city, we take a look at the prestigious Dubai Creek Beach at Dubai Creek Harbour and its 6 great features which will surely persuade you into considering it as your home in Dubai.

1) Beach strolling in the city

Ever imagined strolling along the watery lines of the shore, looking up at the towering skyscrapers of the city? Here in Dubai Creek Beach, you can do just that! Having the beach located inside of this sprawling city, you will be sure to enjoy some personal time along the beach before making it into the office.

2) Trade market

Having access to the waterways of the ocean, you are sure to find many traders and merchants looking to make the trade. Fresh fish and aquatic delicacies ripe from the catch can be found here.

3) Water transports

Opting to reside in any of Dubai Creek Beach apartments, you are sure to be provided with more commuting options than the local cab drivers. With accessibility to the encompassing water, you can find plenty of available services provided ranging from personal abras to private boats to help you in commuting or even strolling around the water areas of the city.

4) Above-water dining

Care to indulge in a dining experience above water? Here in Dubai Creek, there are options of restaurants and cafes which offer this experience to you. With plenty of public eateries already present within the confines of the city, it is good to spend some time eating over at these esteemed places to enjoy some much needed break.

5) Public cruises

Why not take the weekend out by circling over the stream ways of Dubai Creek? Currently, there are various cruise options provided to the public for some free time to be spent enjoying the views of the surrounding city. Plus, you can even dine-in on their cuisines and delicacies, ensuring you eat while enjoying a peaceful water stroll around the city. Now that would be amazing.

6) It is man-made!

The beach of Dubai Creek is not naturally-created. Emaar Properties took the leverage of creating the perfect beach atmosphere within the confinements of the city, while also developing the residential complexes surrounding the area. While it may seem controversial at the time, Dubai Creek is now well-known due to its unique perk of having its own shoreline within the bustling city centres!

Emaar Dubai Creek Harbour continues to remain as one of the most popular sites for tourist and local visitors alike. Being distinct from other residential areas around the city, you are sure to also enjoy some unique experiences only available here in Dubai Creek. And that would justify your stay here, any day of the week.

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